Jingi Wallah

Bunjum provides various services and support to Goori People (Aboriginal) on Bundjalung Country and we acknowledge our Elders past, and present and all Goori People, we respect our Cultural Diversity across the Nation and extend that Welcome to Goori People off Country.

Our website is to assist all Goori People to access support services, connect to Aboriginal Cultural Heritage, and know what is happening on political and social scenes. We look forward to your feedback on how we can better improve this site. Let’s continue the Goori Yarn up to get our messages, sharing of our Cultural Heritage out there to all Australian in spirit of developing affirmative action to create awareness and empathy.

Who we are

Bunjum has been active since 1959 and is managed by a local Aboriginal Board. It has been successful in service provision since 1978 and is always looking for ways to provide culturally appropriate services for the Aboriginal Community and to boost self determination.

What we do

We have been working with our people over several generations and are proud to be a provider of culturally appropriate funded services and other activities to assist our community.

What's happening ?

Get in touch with us to find out about all the great programs and services we provide. You can also check out our news and events section and see what is happening here at Bunjum.