About Us

Picture5Bunjum is wholly Aboriginal owned.

Bunjum has been active since 1959 and is managed by a local Aboriginal Board. It has been successful in service provision since 1978 and is always looking for ways to provide culturally appropriate services for the Aboriginal Community and to boost self determination. We have been working with our people over several generations and are proud to be a provider of culturally appropriate funded services and other activities to assist our community.

Bunjum is well aware of the disadvantages of our people with regard to equal access to support and opportunities and the importance of Aboriginal managed programs to be funded to address these inequities. Cultural barriers affect our people in schools, in employment, housing, heath, and access to a range of opportunities as taken for granted by the general population.

We respect and understand the protocols of diverse cultural identity within our local communities. We are well placed to facilitate the importance of embedding and threading local culture throughout our service in collaboration with Aborginal Elders. We also respect the diverse nature of people and the choices they make.

This expression extends to include the fundamental right of every man; woman and child to access and receive appropriate holistic support in a Culturally appropriate manner. This includes the consideration of issues relating to spiritual attachment to land, economic status, social and emotional well-being, and Aboriginal beliefs and practices including traditional forms of healing and well-being.