Bunjum Social Housing

Bunjum Social Housing is committed to developing the provision of long-term subsidised rental housing opportunities for members of the local Aboriginal Community who are in need of securing and affordable rental accommodation. We have a housing stock of 22 properties within Ballina LGA and Lismore LGA’s.

We have a Housing Policy that provides a structure that allows for the professional management of the housing assets that Bunjum owns and manages. This will allow the allocation of properties in line with community needs and circumstances to cover long term housing needs.

The Bunjum Housing Wait list is open to all Aboriginal Members who have cultural links and living within our local Community and who are over the age of 18 years

Housing Applicants are to complete a Bunjum Housing Application which will include the name, date, current address, and current housing situation of the applicant and their family. Applicants will receive a letter of acknowledgement of their application.

New wait list applicants are to be endorsed by the next Board meeting following the completion of the application form prior to Bunjum formally adding the applicant to the Bunjum Housing Wait List Register. Applicants will receive a letter confirming that they have been accepted or declined onto the Bunjum Housing Wait List.

Bunjum has partnered with the NSW Aboriginal Housing arm of the Department of Family and Community under Build and Grow. Bunjum have a formal partnership agreement with a local Property Management service that provide the nominated support as part of our property management in line with the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 (NSW).

As an accredited Social Housing Provider, we continue to try and work within a continual changing landscape by government and legislative requirements that impact on Aboriginal Social Housing Providers in many forms and Bunjum will maintain our commitment to carry on keeping Bunjum Tenants informed via bi-monthly newsletter, tenant forums and regular communication on webpage and facebook page.

If you have any further information or inquiry please contact us on phoning 66865644.