Aboriginal Early & Ability Links

The Bunjum Aboriginal Early & Ability Links program aims to provide Cultural appropriate assistance to Goori people with disabilities. Early links is for Jarjums 0-8 years old, Ability links is for people 0-64 years old and assists with access to services and support.

  • Assistance with access the culturally appropriate and mainstream disability services
  • Access to age appropriate community activities
  • Provide families with knowledge and assistance to access available specialist and mainstream support
  • Establish and maintain linkages with local child and family service providers to facilitate referral pathways and identify and address the gaps in the referral system
  • Assist families to develop confidence and empower them to seek supports that are needed for their children and strengthen family connections
  • Assist in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) application process

If you have any inquiries regarding these program, please contact your local linkers:

Isobel & Trudy (Early Linkers) Leanne & Nghaeria (Ability Linkers) – 66 81 1540
Jarjum Bugal Nah Childcare and Family Centre
10 Hayman St, West Ballina, NSW, 2478

Trudy: Earlylinks@bunjum.com                  Isobel: Earlylinks1@bunjum.com

Leanne: Abilitylinks1@bunjum.com           Nghaeria: Abilitylinks2@bunjum.com